plus access to many large-market distributors' warehouses...
Our proximity to the U.S. means we save you the hassels of shipping arrangements and expensive cross-border fees. It's faster too!

1900 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls ON  L2J 0C8

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Parts and Service
We can fix you up...
off-road accessories:
winches, bumpers, skid plates, lift kits...
prepping your daily-driver 4X4 for winter roads
general preventive maintenance: modified or stock vehicles
"Peace of Mind" vehicle assessments before  you buy
Design your own...
work with the design team to create your own unique look...
choose the lift height, tire size, rims, bumper style
restore your 'baby' back to its original look
custom workshops:  learn how to pick the right project Jeep® to maximize your investment
Neat concepts...
Trasharoo packs for a variety of uses...
cover your bumps 'n' bruises with custom stickers
keep your cargo in place and your passengers safe

News / Shop Talk
Off-road Events
Shop Talk

Photo Feature
Featuring B.A.D. Wheels
Kudos to the all our fellow Jeepers who supported Canadian Shield 4X4's inaugural Veterans' Well-being Network ride-along for fun weekend!