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1900 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls ON  L2J 0C8

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We own a number of different vehicles, so have learned the unique characteristics of each. Acting as trail guides for the London and Area Jeep Owners Club expands that understanding to include even more vehicles.
Fixing friends' Jeeps®, as well as our own, naturally led people to ask why we didn't expand our existing service and repair business, since there are very few options in the Hamilton/Niagara area to access good quality, reliable technical know-how.
We operate out of a fully equipped motor vehicle repair shop where complete upgrades or more basic restorations are done. 

We intend to keep our business focussed on the customer so that we can customize your vehicle to your needs so you enjoy your off-road adventures.
How We Started
With over 20 years operating a family-owned mechanical repair business in Niagara Falls, for trucks, buses, RVs, and off-highway equipment, we have branched out to include 4-wheel-drive vehicles, with a special emphasis on Jeeps®. As long-time enthusiasts of off-roading, repairing and upgrading 4-wheel-drive vehicles comes with the territory. We are actively involved in organized events and support Wyle Cat Run,Trailfest and Camp NL each summer, as well as Rocktoberfest in October. New this year, we hosted the first Veterans' Well-being Network trail run where we matched veterans and Jeepers for a fun-filled weekend, while raising funds to support veterans that may fall on difficult times.