plus access to many large-market distributors' warehouses...
Our proximity to the U.S. means we save you the hassels of shipping arrangements and expensive cross-border fees. It's faster too!

1900 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls ON  L2J 0C8

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Our shop has access to a full line of parts/accessories for any budget and style/aftermarket preferences. Whether for a stock or modified vehicle, we can work with you to choose the best products and approaches to reach your goals for your vehicle.

We operate out of a fully equipped motor vehicle repair shop where you can get any number of things done:

There isn't much that can't be done to upgrade your 4X4 or even bring it back closer to its OEM condition.

We intend to keep our business focussed on the customer and, being a small shop, can customize your vehicle to your needs.

Parts / Service

Regular preventive maintenance
Brakes, bearings, U-joints, rads
Air conditioning (one of our specialties)
Safety certificates
Lift kits, suspensions, drive lines, gearing
Winterizing your 4-wheel drive system
Customized guarding - plates, bumpers, fenders etc.
Installing accessories
We offer a number of payment options: cash, cheque, credit card, debit and our consumer loan term financing (OAC) with low monthly payment plans to suit your budget. Now you can build your vehicle the way you want and enjoy it right away!