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Always apply an anti-seize paste on bolts that may need to come off later before tightening them.
Always apply a locking paste on bolts/nuts that you never want to have loosen off in future
Always clean your brakes as soon as possible after wheeling off-road. The dirt and grime can make quick work of damaging essential parts otherwise. It can never be underestimated how important this is! Ideally, clean your entire vehicle as soon as possible afterward and check over the undercarriage for possible damage.
If you like to DIY on the easier things, be sure to read the instructions ahead of time and count all the pieces in a kit to make sure they're all accounted for! "Ship"-ping happens sometimes.
Going along with the above point, make sure you have the necessary tools before you start ripping things apart only to find you can't proceed as planned.
Take lots of pictures as you go. It's not just for bragging rights -  you may just find you need to refer to one to recall the orientation of a hose or fitting. You never know!

Shop Talk Tips

Planning to recycle parts from your parts vehicle? Spray all bolts/nuts with a good penetrating fluid several days before you start to remove them. It should make life a lot easier. Also, if you're planning on recruiting assistance, be sure to reward their hard work with good eats and drinks.
Recently we had the pleasure of a shop visit from Annie and Mark of Steinjäger Inc. from Bushnell IL. Annie did a marvelous job of creating a video of their visit. Steinjäger meets Canadian Shield 4X4 Outfitters. Check it out!