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Featured in 4WD magazine, this project came to us mid-stream after an engine conversion and was our most challenging to date. Most of the wiring and adaptations had been sorted out to switch the original 4-cylinder to a Chevy Vortec 6-cylinder engine. What it needed was a custom shroud for the performance rad, a cold air intake set-up and protection for the computer.

Inside, changing from a standard to an automatic required that the new power plant's shifter levers get a new console to accommodate the existing layout.

Finally, the wheels got a face lift with rim stiffeners. The eventual goal is to paint this TJ orange so the wheels were given a perk by bringing that colour into the equation.

Engine Conversion

Cold-Air Intake
Custom tubing married up the 90 adaptation from the engine to the new intake box.
A new transfer case shifter lever and console for the automatic transmission shifter were crafted with steel and checkplate to complete the finish.
The rim stiffeners were welded on and painted to bring in the planned colour, while providing a nice accent to the laser-cut designs. A solid clear-coat layer ensures that the paint will stand up under the challenges on the trails
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